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Coolest Three Tier Toy Story Birthday Cake

This is a three-tier Toy Story birthday cake I made for my nephew’s first birthday. It’s covered entirely with fondant. Buzz’s wings are made of rice crispy treats and covered with fondant as well as the moon on top. The wings are being help up by wooden skewers running horizontally through the top tier and diagonally through the second tier to ensure support. Bottom tier is chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling, middle tier is marble cake with vanilla custard filling, and top tier is vanilla cake with vanilla custard filling. Here are some quick steps to achieve the look of this cake.

Step 1: Dye white fondant with gel color of choice (requires lots of kneading). Step 2: Roll out fondant and cover cake entirely, you must move fast because you do not want it to dry out and crack. Step 3: Smooth out fondant with your hands or using a cake smoother and cut out the excess fondant around the cake (a pizza cutter works best). Repeat steps 1-3 for each tier. Step 4: Use rice crispy treats (RCT) to make the wings. Press the RCT together to make the desired shape since they are sticky it is easy to work with. Step 5: Run skewer thru each wing. (Use a skewer that is larger than the wing to make sure it goes into the cake). Step 6: Cover wings with fondant and add details by rolling out fondant and cutting out the desired decoration. Step 7: To stack the tiers I inserted five wooden dowels in the center of the bottom tier (in the shape of a square with one in the middle) cover it with thick cardboard and place cake onto it. Repeat the same steps for second tier.

Once you have all the cakes stacked, add your final decorations and details. Last step is to ENJOY!

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