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Coolest Kipper the Dog 1st Birthday Cake

I loved making this Kipper the Dog 1st Birthday Cake! I didn’t want to pay for it so I went online and printed off full page photos of the Kipper the Dog characters and placed wax paper over the image and outlined it with black decorating gel.

I let it set over night so it would lose some of its gooey texture. I used Duncan Hines butter yellow cake mix (2 of them because I had such a large sheet cake pan) and baked the cake then let it cool over night. The next day I iced the cake with chocolate frosting.

Once the frosting had hardened a little I then took the wax paper with the gel outlines and placed them on the cake gel side down and took my finger and gently rubbed over the outline. Once I removed the wax paper it pulled up a nice outline on the chocolate frosting so all I had to do is fill it in with the colored frosting.

I used one jar of Wilton’s white decorating icing that I got at the craft store and mixed together the colors I needed. Once I was done with the filling in I outlined everything in black icing. You can use any decoration tip you desire but I found that the star shaped one worked the best!

I put dog bones on the sides of the cake and paw prints all around the cake. To get the color of Kipper I used a touch of red and yellow dye until I got the desired color, for Tiger I used a dab of black dye and it made a nice grey color, for Pig and Arnold I used a pink dye, although I feel I made it too pink I think it turned out nicely.

All of the dyes I got at the craft store in the cake decorating section. Have fun and I hope this gives you some ideas for a great fun cake!

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  1. This is one of the cutest cakes I have ever seen. I love the characters and love the paw prints around the edge. Looks to me like it was professionally done.


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