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Coolest Lady and the Tramp Cake

In my high school it is tradition that we bake birthday cakes for our friend’s birthday. So, my friend was turning 17 and I decided to make her a Lady Cake (from Lady and the Tramp) because she loves Lady and always wanted a cocker spaniel.

The cake was a Dunkin Heinz cake mix. I used Yellow cake mix and put it in a 14×10 cake pan to bake. Then, I let it cool (I put the pan in the snow, but a freezer works too, you just have to make sure it doesn’t get freezer burned though).

While it was cooling I went online, found a good picture of Lady, printed it out the right size and then cut it out. Once the cake was cooled I placed the paper cutout on top of the cake, and outlined it with a knife. Then I cut it and took frosting and thinly frosted the entire cake.

Once that was done, I mixed various colors I would need for it. For Lady’s body there are three different browns. A medium brown, light brown and a mocha brown. I used Hershey’s cocoa for this and mixed in various amounts for various shades. Then I took teal and blue for the collar and tag.

Once I was done frosting I took dark baker’s chocolate and melted it and drizzled it on for the nose, eyes, and mouth. Then I froze it so it wouldn’t damage on the walk to school.