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Coolest Lilly Pad and Frog Cupcakes

My daughter’s First Grade class was learning about frogs the last half of the year. I thought what a cute way to end the year with Lilly Pad and Frog Cupcakes. These are very simple as you can see!

Prepare the cupcake using the directions on the box. I colored the frosting blue to look like the water. I found these cute cupcake liners and thought they too had the water look. I used green melting chocolate for the lily pads that I purchased at Michael’s. I took a wax paper and laid it on top of a cupcake pan so I knew how big to make the lily pads. I let them chill.

I used white chocolate chips to make the lily and a jelly bean cut in half for the center of the lily. I bought the frogs at a grocery store, gummy frogs. I used a black edible gel to put the eyes on the frogs. Too cute and a lot of it can be done a couple days in advance. The kids loved them and my daughter was so happy!

I hope you have a wonderful response when you make these beautiful cupcakes.

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