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Cutest Frogs in a Pond Birthday Cake

My friend was turning 30, and as she was pregnant was having a low key afternoon bbq. Somehow I got roped into making her a birthday cake, which she requested, and had something to do with frogs. As I was new to cake making and working with fondant I wanted to keep it simple so decided I would make a pond cake with some lily pads and cute frogs.

The cake was a gluten free chocolate cake, 2 of them with some jam in between to make it a bit higher. I was a bit scared to cover the cake in fondant and decided to go for a simple butter cream icing with some vanilla. As the butter cream has a mild yellow color, adding blue coloring made it go green. So I made a separate smaller batch to which I added heaps of blue and made it quite dark, I swirled this through the other icing to make it look like a combination of the two colors as maybe a pond would look.

Making the frogs was lots of fun. I found some examples online and just went with that, the non realistic more stylized cartoon looking frogs were the best. The lilies were made with daisy cutters, and a layer of 3, on top of one another, and I put them in the bottom of some curved cups to set so the petals so they were pointing upwards, they were very fragile.

The cake was a great success, that taste was very dense and mud cake like, and I got compliments for the butter cream icing too! And of course the frogs were a great hit! Although my friend, as soon as she blew her candles out, popped one straight into her mouth! My heart stopped for a bit after all the fiddly time it took me to make, but I guess that’s what it was for. I asked her later if she managed to keep the second one, she said no. One of the little girls at the party ate that one on the sly then pretended not to know anything about it, even through her mouth was stained green!

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