Coolest Little House on the Prarie Cake

I made this homemade Little House on the Prairie cake on August 30, 2009 for my daughter Emma’s 7th and my son Rajiv’s 5th birthday party. It was homemade devil’s food cake and buttercream frosting. It weighed over 50 pounds… yikes!

Emma and Rajiv wanted a combined party, so we had to figure out a cake that would fit both Emma’s girly and Rajiv’s boyish tastes! We had just read “Little House on the Prairie,” which they loved. Emma exclaimed, “I know! Let’s have a Little House on the Prairie Cake!” Yes, it was decided, I just had to figure it out!

I tried searching the Internet for ideas, but couldn’t find anything inspiring. By using the tiered cake format, it was possible to make a stream going down the cake. The dirt is crushed Oreo cookies. We used Lincoln Logs and toys that we already had (we washed them first!) to decorate, which saved time and money!

Emma made the cover for the wagon, which made her very excited and created a personal touch. There were over 50 kids at the party and they loved the cake. The only challenge, they all wanted the river piece of cake! Next time, I might make a bigger river!

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