I made this Singing Victorious Doll Cake for my daughter Emmas’ 7th birthday. She loves the Victorious TV show and wanted a Victorious cake. The cake itself is just out of a box but the icing is from a homemade butter cream recipe of my cousin Melanie.

I based the idea from my daughter’s singing Victoria Justice doll and tried to create a stage effect as if she were at a concert. I used a spray gun to color the cake with a big cardboard star wrapped in tin foil in the center to help support the doll. The background is painted with the scene from Victorias’ locker on the TV show. I built a wooden platform for the cake to sit on and made a lighting truss across the front from dowel rods and inserted led lights of different colors into each of the 24 fixtures.

I used very small wires to connect the leds to a electronic board underneath the stage. I programmed the electronic board to flash the leds in sync with the music from the singing doll. The doll singing and flashing lights are started when you lift her arm. I added some foam stick on stars around the stage.