Coolest Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

I made this Little Mermaid Birthday Cake for a friend of mine’s daughter’s birthday! She told me she wanted Ariel, and I went with it! I made all the sculptures out of mm fondant and the cake is covered in mm fondant as well, and then dusted with edible glitter dust. To shape the coral, I rolled out mm fondant, mixed with tylose for stability and cut holes out of it with a circle cutter. I then layed it on a large can to shape the half curve while it dried.

I used the shell tool to shape the clam shells, and put edible pearls in the mouths of them as well! I put a skewer in Ariel’s arm to help support Flounder! Please feel free to ask any questions! I make cakes out of my home, and have no professional training. But I do view myself as an artist first, and a baker second, which is why I feel I am able to pull off such great works of art !