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Coolest Lobster Birthday Cake for a 5-Year-Old Boy

This birthday cake was a favor for a friend. Her little boy is crazy about fishing and loves collecting crabs and shells. His favorite shellfish are lobsters so when his mum asked me to make a birthday cake, I knew it had to have a lobster on it!

I began by making two 10″ square vanilla sponges and crumb coating them with apricot jam and butter cream icing. I covered the sponge in a sea green sugar paste which I mixed myself using white sugar paste and food dye. I added seaweed and other shell fish. I then used corn flake cakes to create rocks around the edge. The lobster itself required a little help from my technically minded husband. He sourced detailed photos of lobsters to help us.

I used a small loaf tin to bake a vanilla sponge and cut it to size, carving it into a basic lobster shape. My husband used drew out the sections of shell onto baking paper and I then used these to cut out blue sugar paste to fit. Once it was assembled we had great fun experimenting with antennae! The final result was created using strawberry laces threaded with fine wire. Chocolate chips were added as eyes and then the lobster was placed on the cake. The legs were added using more florist wire threaded through sugar paste.

Lastly I used alphabet cutters to cut out Euan’s name and age. It was one of the most technical cakes I have done but the look on little Euan’s face was well worth it.