Coolest Lobster Cake

My nephew requested a lobster cake for his 9th birthday dinner, my brother of course bought him a steamed lobster from the grocery store. I decided to take his request one step further and baked him a lobster shaped cake. I was so disappointed to find that there were no lobsters on this site, I always come here to get inspiration. Needless to say the lobster was a learning process for me.

I baked two peanut butter 8-inch cakes. Iced and stacked them. For the main body, I cut a football shape out. I used two small triangles as the head and tail. The remaining piece were cut to be the claws, but my error in measuring my fondant by eye made me throw out that plan. So, I cream cheese frosted the rest of the pieces as my lobster and covered in fondant. (I kneaded in red coloring for an eternity and never got to the red shade I wanted to, so settled for more of a salmon color. To make up for my mis-measuring, I just shaped out the claws and legs with pure fondant.

To finish of the piece, if course the lobster held the birthday candle.

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  1. I wanted to sculpt a lobster (crawfish) cake last month for my daughter’s birthday, but I am not an artist. So I made the lobster pot cake on the same page as your cake. You did a GREAT job! What’s up with these young kids wanted just adult themed birthdays? :)


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