Coolest Mace Windu Lightsaber Cake

My son is a huge Star Wars fan and has NOW been into the Mace Windu Lightsaber. So he asked me to make him a Lightsaber cake. I made this cake out of rice crispy treats and fondant.

The bottom layer was chocolate cake with vanilla frosting with blue dye. I cut a strip of rice crispy treats and molded it into the shapes of each part of the Lightsaber. I dyed separately and rolled out purple fondant for the tip, gray for hilt and other parts of the handle, black for the details on the hilt and other parts of the handle and a very tiny piece of fondant in red.

After I molded the rice crispy treats for the tip, I wrapped it in purple fondant. I then molded each part of the handle in separate parts and wrapped each in the gray fondant. I then connected each part by slightly dampening the fondant and “gluing” the parts together and placing it on top of the base cake. Then I cut out small rectangular pieces from the black fondant and dampened each of them before placing them on the hilt.

I did the same for the red “button”. After all the parts were connected, I took a knife and used it to make lines around the other parts of the handle. Then I used edible silver “dust” (found in craft and cake supplies stores), mixed it with a little bit of water and then painted parts of the handle. With yellow dyed icing I wrote the words “May the Force be With You, Young Jedi”, which was suggested to me by my 8 year old son. He then placed every single Lego Lightsaber he owns around the perimeter of the cake (not a necessary item to this cake).

2 thoughts on “Coolest Mace Windu Lightsaber Cake”

  1. This cake was so amazing! Everyone had a “comment”. It not only looked amazing, it was delicious too. Of course the birthday boy ate the lightsaber.
    Great idea, great job and delicious!

  2. Going to attempt to make this for next weekend, son will be 7. Can you tell me what the rest of the light saber was made of? The handle is ricekrispie treats rolled in icing.


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