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Simple Homemade Alice In Wonderland Cake

I was attending an Alice in Wonderland party, and wanted to make an Alice In Wonderland Cake for the occasion. I made 2 x 9″ round cakes, sandwiched them together with buttercream frosting. I cut the front end off, so it allowed enough room for the table and characters. I then carved a groove for a river to run through it.

I then dyed some buttercream green and gave it a very textured finish for grass etc. I filled the river with blue sparkly gel, and placed edible rocks along the river bed. I molded a tree trunk out of rice krispy treats and then covered it in brown marshmallow fondant that I made from a recipe online.

My daughter made the Chessier Cat from mm fondant and then painted it with pink food coloring and cut stripes of lilac fondant and pasted them on. Alice, Mad-Hatter, and both rabbits were also made with mm fondant. The chairs and table are molded rice krispy treats and then covered in mm fondant. My daughter molded the tea set out of fondant. The cards were rolled out of fondant, then curved over a rolling pin to bend and then added the heads/ arms, and painted the hearts etc on them.

It was a lot of fun to make with my daughters and was well received at the party.

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  1. GREAT AMAZING WONDERFUL GOOD WOW SPEECHLESS!I LOVE all the characters…. especially the Chesire cat!! I’m sure the party loved it!


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