Coolest Lightsaber Birthday Cake

My son’s best friend was having a Star Wars party. He requested a blue Lightsaber Birthday Cake. I made a funfetti 1/2 sheet cake, frosted it in a buttercream icing and went to work!

First I printed out a reverse picture of the Star Wars logo. I placed it under plastic wrap, traced it with icing and then transferred it onto the cake. After I filled it in, I moved on to the Lightsaber. I took my son’s Lightsaber and practiced drawing it a few times on a sheet of paper until I felt good about it.

I then drew it out with a toothpick, then in icing, filled it in and sprinkled blue sprinkles on it to make it “glow”. I finished it off with a red M&M!

It was a huge hit! Now my son wants one for his birthday, but has told me it has to be different!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Lightsaber Birthday Cake”

  1. Your cake is so cute! To make it different for your son try using Twinkies to make the Light Sabre 3-d on top of the sheet cake!
    Good Luck!

  2. Love this idea… my son will be 5 on Tuesday and he wants a Star Wars cake… This will be perfect – easy and very attractive!


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