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Coolest Mardi Gras Birthday Cake

We visited Venice and my daughter loved the beautiful masks. So, for her seventh birthday, we had a mask decorating party and I made a Mardi Gras-themed cake.

I made a triple layer cake. The big round one for the base and a smaller one for the middle were baked, while the smallest one for the top was store-bought.

I covered the bottom part with dark pink fondant icing, the middle part with lilac fondant icing and the top with green fondant icing. I then made little green and lilac fondant balls which I placed around the bottom and middle layer of the cake.

I added some pre-bought gold icing stars and made a big seven with black fondant icing. I stuck some gold balls on the seven. I then added some feathers, a paper mask and a star at the top of the cake and there was my first ever Mardi Gras Birthday Cake! Actually, this was my first ever birthday cake!

My daughter absolutely adored this cake.

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