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Mardi Gras Masquerade Party Birthday Cake

This cake is made of 4 layers of cake. I colored the frosting myself with Wilton Lavender coloring. Cut a drinking straw to the height of the cake and insert down the middle once you have stacked all the cakes atop each other. This makes the cake totally safe and secure.

Now you can decorate! Since this was a Mardi Gra theme, I printed out some images I found on the computer googling “Bourbon Street” for the street sign and Masquerade for the masks. Once I found the ones I liked, I colored two toothpicks black with a sharpee and hot glued the masks to the tooth pick. Insert where you like. I discovered my Lazy Susan in tin foil and sat it on another silver platter so I could throw Mardi Gra beads around and under neath it. I even tossed in some candies in Mardi Gra colors, green, purple and gold  (Lollipops,  Tootsie rolls whatever you have.)

I used lots of the kids left over Christmas stocking candy!  I used green and silver Hershey kisses to decorate a layer and stuck to the side, then I used little drink umbrella, in the Mardi Gra colors to decorate a layer and give it that Mardi Gra Festivity flair. Sprinkles all over for party atmosphere and of course the birthday boy, found his picture in one of my FB photos and cut him out, and hot glued him to a toothpick (or straw) and inserted him under my Bourbon Street sign of course.

It worked out perfected that I had a photo of him with a drink in hand from our cruise. For the street sign just print two copies and hot glue to a straw that has the bend in the top and insert. Have fun with it! I recommend encouraging masks at a party like this! It sure made it fun for photos!

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