Coolest Metal Detector Cake

I made this metal detector cake for my son.

Yes, my son’s birthday was approaching again. He was to be 32 years old. To me this means a cake and I’m always sure of a challenge. I love surprising him and at the moment he’s into metal detecting. So, I decided to base the cake on that theme. He’s really into coins and found treasure, not that he’s found any treasure yet.

  • I baked a 3 layer 8” cake and filled it with jam and butter cream.
  • When I assembled the layers I did it on a slight slope.
  • I cut into the front side of the cake so I could make a flat edge.
  • Then, I butter creamed the whole cake and chilled it in the freezer for a while.
  • Meanwhile, I coloured some icing in green and then made brown streaks through it by kneading some brown food colouring into it.
  • Then, I covered the whole cake.
  • I coloured some icing in dark brown/black to resemble the dirt and attached this to the front of the cake.
  • Next, I mixed some green fondant and added some flower paste to it.
  • I also made bushes and then some rocks in a grey marble effect icing.
  • I mixed some royal icing in green and piped grass around the edge of the dirt and the edge of the cake in places.
  • Then, I started working on the man. I couldn’t do this earlier because I needed to get the size right.
  • I made sure he had blonde hair like my son.
  • I made some treasure and coloured this in gold.
  • I made a shovel and the metal detector and then I made his headphones that he uses on the metal detector.

We all went out for a family meal and I took the cake there for a surprise. My son loved it. He couldn’t believe the detail I had put into it for him.