Coolest Birthday Cakes and Homemade Cake Recipes

Coolest Cake Recipes and Ideas for Birthdays

I made this cake using one of my homemade cake recipes for my husband’s birthday. It is a large round cake pan, using three white cake mixes. It is completely covered in satin ice which is a lot like fondant (but I think it tastes better). I used one of his Copenhagen cans as a … Read more

Cool Sitting Pretty 60th Birthday Cake

So this cake was for my mothers 60th birthday. It was a two layer gluten free chocolate cake with raspberry jam filling and covered in blue fondant. The figure is made entirely of fondant and I made to look like my mother. The banner is also made of fondant. I used a box mix for the cake … Read more

Happy 3D Sloth Cake | Coolest Homemade Birthday Cakes

Happy Sloth Cake

My daughter was turning 13 and wanted a Sloth themed birthday party. A Sloth cake sounded tricky at first, but I found that sloths are ragingly popular at the moment. So, decorating was actually fun and easy. But she also wanted a sloth cake which could be considered “semi-realistic”. I decided to do just the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Funny Divorce Cake

Funny Divorce Cake

Going through a 3 year divorce is exhausting mentally and physically but you learn how to push yourself and it helps if you have a good sense of humor through it.  I wanted to celebrate my own divorce but you realize that you can’t after all the bills come. So I wanted to celebrate with … Read more

Five Rocks of Life Cake

People say that in life you can only have five rocks, where rocks represent large projects you are working on. For example, you can work on getting a successful career, being a great mom, starting a cake business, making sure you are a great partner, and working out. If you work on these 5 projects, … Read more

Fun Neon Trolls Birthday Cake

I love making cakes as a hobby for family & friends. I usually make a few cakes per year for their birthdays. My 4 year old niece originally asked for a Barbie style cake, which sounded like a nice, girly fun thing to do. Then, she changed her mind…. and wanted TROLLS. I knew nothing about … Read more

Amazing ‘It’s A Small World’ Themed Cake

Amazing 'It's A Small World' Themed Cake

I was asked to bake and design a birthday cake which was big enough to feed 150 people AND themed ‘It’s A Small World’. It was for my great niece’s 1st birthday party on Sunday afternoon in San Francisco. I started with the fondant decor that was going to cover the cake. A week before … Read more

Jewellery Cake

Jewellery Cake

I made this for a 70 years old woman. She is well refined and loves her jewelry and flowers. I use two 10 inch round cake pans. The cake is white with a rasberry filling. It is covered with a pudding frosting. that can be used for diabetics. Jewelry is made with gum paste and mixed … Read more

Cool Tin of Wine Gums Cake

Cool Tin of Wine Gums Cake

This is a tin of wine gums I made for a teenage so simple to do but it had the wow factor. I made 8in mud cake hollowed it out slightly covered in red fondant filled with wine gumsi used 3 small dowels to support the lid. Everyone loved it and was talking about it … Read more

Cool Lingerie Cake

Cool Lingerie Cake

“Lingerie” Once upon a cold and rainy March day, my husband had a birthday. A week previous, I drew up a plan for an extravagant naked cake; just for my man. To my dismay, he said, “No Way.” “A very simple cake will do.” so I baked him one (That was sugar free)! A naked cake I still desired to make, so … Read more

Everyone’s in Bed Anniversary Cake

Everyone's in Bed Anniversary Cake

I’m a mother of three. When I thought of making a cake for our anniversary so many funny memories came into my mind. But most of all I hate when there’s cricket matches starts at 3. 00 o’clock in the morning but my husband keeps the alarm and wakes up at that time but never … Read more

Sports Fan Cake for an Avid 86 Year Old

Sports Fan Cake for an Avid 86 Year Old

This is a 8 inch cake covered in Buttercream frosting. I made this cake for my Dad who is a Avid Sports Fan. He has watched the Chicago Cubs, Bulls,Blackhawks ,and the Chicago Bears as long as I can remember, so that & the fact that he is turning 86 and still doing great were … Read more