Coolest Mickey Mouse Birthday

It was my grandson’s first birthday and my son asked me to make his cake. I thought, “no problem”. I knew my little buddy likes Mickey Mouse, so expected that would be the theme.  What I didn’t expect was a request for a three tier birthday cake of Mickey’s Club House AND and smaller smash cake. As it turned out, the smash cake was the biggest challenge-but mainly because my son is as much of a perfectionist as I am.

He fist set me some pictures. I diligently worked to make sure the smash cake looked just like a combination of the pictures I was given. Once I thought I had the cake near perfect, I texted a picture to my son. Moments later the response:  “Can we tweak this a little?”

What needed to be tweaked?  It looked just like the pictures you sent. This was followed by about half a dozen other pictures, all different, and an offer to photoshop over the cake I had finished to show me what needed to be changed.  Well, I did what I could without starting all over.  The cake was a “smash”.  And the three-tier clubhouse?  Well, I made that and didn’t send an advance picture for critique.  They got what they got and everyone loved it.

Coolest Mickey Mouse Birthday

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