I wanted to do something special for my son’s 3rd birthday. I decided to try and make a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake since that is his favorite show.

I cheated a little just to save myself time and the fact that I’ve never baked a half sheet cake before. So I went to a bakery and ordered a half sheet cake iced only. I figured the only way to make a clubhouse and everything else would be to use fondant. Fondant is like working with play doh. I rolled out the different colors of fondant.

I used different sized circle cookie cutters to cut out colorful circles for the walkway to the clubhouse. I also made windows and the door just rolling out the fondant and making my own shapes. I used white fondant which I rolled into a ball for the hand and I rolled smaller longer pieces to make the fingers. I inserted toothpicks into each finger and connected them to the hand.

I used a ho ho for the arm and used 3 wooden skewers to give it more support but it kept falling over since the hand was so heavy, so I would suggest doing something else. I used a Twinkie for the foot and wrapped it in rolled yellow fondant. I used another ho ho for the leg and that worked out fine.

The part I did bake was the base of the clubhouse. I poured cake batter in a glass bowl (which was oven safe). After the cake was cooled, I rolled out red fondant and smoothed it over the clubhouse. I wet the back of the windows and door with water and placed them on the clubhouse. I rolled out blue fondant in the shape of a long tube for the slide. I flattened the top of the tube and wet the back of it to paste it to the clubhouse. I flattened the bottom also to form the bottom of the slide.

The Mickey head and ears were made of Styrofoam balls with black fondant that I rolled out and smoothed over each ball. After I did each ball, I used wooden skewers that I broke into two inch pieces, inserted each piece into the smaller Styrofoam balls and connected them to the big Styrofoam ball which created the top of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I put another skewer on the bottom of the head and connected it to the clubhouse.

I rolled out yellow fondant and made long curvy strips for the fence which was easy to place on the cake. The last thing I did was place cut strawberries and mini oreo cookies to make a border. I purchased the characters from the Disney Store.

It wasn’t hard to make but very time consuming. It took me about 3 hours to roll out the fondant and make the shapes. I did most of the work the night before, carefully wrapped all the fondant shapes and pieces in plastic and left out on the counter. The next day, a couple of hours before the party, I began to assemble the cake. Using buttercream frosting is very crucial also. It is heavier and will hold your pieces better. Reading everyone else’s experience in making a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake really helped.

Again this was challenging but so worth it when I saw the look on my son’s face. And there you go, Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse!