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Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

My son turned 2 and my daughter turned 1. They love Mickey Mouse! This Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake itself was half chocolate and half vanilla. I used four boxes of cake mix (2 of each) and used a 12X18 sheet cake pan. For even baking I wet and wrapped aluminum foil around all four sides on the outside of the pan.

I worked on the schematics of this cake for about two weeks. I made a drawing of what I wanted the cake to look like, took measurements and went from there. I made all of the Buttercream icing from scratch (Wilton’s has an easy recipe online)by using Crisco shortening, butter, milk, clear vanilla extract and confectioners sugar.

I made three different batches of the icing, two were with 1/2 Crisco and 1/2 butter, the third batch was with just Crisco (I wanted it a little more stiff than the others) and just added non-color butter flavoring. I must say the two batches with 1/2 and 1/2 tasted better although the batch with Crisco wasn’t bad. (Color all of your icing ahead of time.)

I used a toothpick to outline Mickey’s head and ears with a cutout I found online. (I free formed his neck and measured using a ruler.) I outlined the dome of the clubhouse with a Protractor (I know it sounds weird but it worked perfectly.) I measured the leg with a ruler as well and free formed his shoe and the windows on the dome.

I used decorator tips 2 and 3 for the writing, outlining and filling in the clubhouse I smoothed the icing with a metal flat spatula. I recommend using a metal spatula in case you need dip it in hot water to smooth out the icing once the cake has been frosted. (It happened to me.)

For the grass I used tip 233, and for the flowers I used tip 224 and tip 2 for the dot in the middle of the flower. For the dots on the edge of the cake I used gum balls that I cut in half.

My cake was a hit at their party at Chuckee Cheese.

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