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Coolest Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

My daughter loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so I decided to go with this theme for her 2nd birthday.

The bottom of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake is just a 15×9 sheet cake covered with green colored cream cheese icing. I used food coloring to dye the icing. It did take quite a bit of coloring just to get it this green. I wish it had been darker.

Everything on top is made of fondant. I ordered the fondant online. I ordered 2lb tubs for each color and had way too much left over! I could have decorated 4 cakes with the amount of fondant I had. I used a plastic bowl covered in red fondant icing for the actual clubhouse and aluminum foil to shape everything else.

The fence and Mickey pond are 100% fondant. I was surprised at how easy working with fondant was! I did make all the pieces in advance so that they would have plenty of time to dry and become firm. I didn’t want them falling at the party. The cake was a big hit and yummy too!

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  1. Next time to get darker colors try using a coloring paste (i.e. Wilton color paste) instead of food coloring. It will give you deeper colors and not thin your icing.

  2. My son will be three in Nov. and I am starting about three and a half months early to find the perfect cake for his mickey mouse club house party. I think your cake is the one! Thanks for the super cute idea. About how long did it take you altogether to create such a cute cake?


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