Coolest Minecraft Birthday Cake

I got a one day notice for my Sons’s birthday cake for school. Firstly I thought I would start by making some of the figures. All going ok.

Now for the cake.

1. Spray and line pan  check.

2. Get ingredients cocoa check, self raising flour. Check, butter check, coffee check, eggs None. Dash to the shop check.

3. Ok eggs  check.

Now ingredients are mixed together place batter in oven.

We are done. Cakes baked and cooled but wait, still have to cook dinner .

OK dinner over back to cake. Ring Ring. OK well now it is about 8:15 pm . Use milk and dark choc ganache on sides of cake. Don’t want it to sweet so not using fondant other than for the figures.These can be taken off. What to use on top I, umm what can I do the top with again ganache but with varying colored coconut, mark grids with a clean ruler. Skewers up the huge man although not as large as the pick and sword which had to be diamond coloreds. Add the sheep and chicken and a creeper on the side. 10:00 pm . There you go, Jack’s cake for school.