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Awesome Dinner and a Movie Popcorn Cake

Dinner and Movie was done as an overnight project. My niece was turning 13 and she said her theme was Dinner and a Movie. Her dad had scheduled the party for the Saturday after her birthday, but she said it was her day and wanted it on that Friday.

Well that meant that I had to put the cake together the night before after work. Dinner and a Movie was a fun cake to make. I baked two 10×2 round layers, vanilla cake, iced them in my usual cream cheese icing, set them in the fridge to firm up.

Next I rolled out the vanilla fondant, colored it with tasteless red dye and waited on it to brighten up. While the red was working, I rolled out some left over black and using small letter cut out the words movie, placed them on parchment paper to dry.

Cut out the white circle using a saucer and placed it in the oven to dry with just the light on, no heat. To make the movie real, I used a regular large biscuit cutter to cut the circle, then used the small leaf cutter to put the holes in it. Placed them on the parchment paper in the oven to dry. Cut a strip of black, formed it up with deli paper and laid on the same paper in the oven to dry.

While my pieces were drying, I took the cake out and began adding the strips, cut them in 1 ¼ strips and just matched them against one another and started applying them. The strips were added supple, I didn’t try to dry them because I wanted to be able to press them without breaking them against the cake.

Once all the strips were on, I took the remaining red fondant and cut small circles to add to the white circle. Pulled everything out of the oven, it was nice and hard and ready to work with. I placed the white circle flat on the parchment paper, I measured off the center mark and added the movie letters with a paint brush and water.

While that dried, I popped a bag of butter flavored popcorn, melted some white chocolate in the microwave. Once the chocolate was melted, I mixed the popcorn, lightly to cover it enough to stick together but not to completely cover it. Poured it out on the top of the cake, it dried really quickly, so I had to work fast.

While the popcorn was drying, I used a #18 star tip and added the trim in places around the popcorn and in between the cake to make sure everything looked full and where I missed places and around the bottom to seal off everything.

Everything was dry within a few minutes, I then placed the Movie disc in front with icing as an anchor and the Movie Reel with icing, added the Movie strip and it was done. I realized after I finished, that I didn’t cover the board or use a pretty pre-made one. No matter, my nephew and his wife were so excited they posted the cake on Face Book before my niece saw it.

Awesome Dinner and a Movie Popcorn Cake

Awesome Dinner and a Movie Popcorn Cake

Awesome Dinner and a Movie Popcorn Cake