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Cool Homemade Monster Book Of Monsters Birthday Cake

My husband and I made this Monster Book Of Monsters Birthday Cake for our 1 and 2 year old son’s birthday. They love Harry Potter. We got the idea while watching our nightly dose of Harry before bed time.

The cake is half devils food and half yellow cake with chocolate cream and fresh strawberries in the center. We whipped canned icing for the hair look and dragged it on with a brush to make it look like hair. The eyes are store bought candy eyes and the teeth are hand made from melting candy.

We wanted this cake to not only look good but also taste good. I know we cheated using a boxed cake mix but we did add the cream and strawberries in the center. The cake Boss, gave us that idea. We made this cake for our sons after searching for a bakery that could make us one and we had no luck in finding one.

As a family we love everything Harry Potter and this cake thrilled our two young sons. My 14 year old daughter even enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Monster Book Of Monsters Birthday Cake”

  1. That cake looks deadly!I love Harry Potter I’ve read the series 5 times and now I know what I want to do for my 12th birthday! Thank You!

  2. For my son’s 7th birthday, I made this cake too, inspired by the photos I saw online of other cakes…changed it up a little bit. I originally wanted to add the belt buckle to keep it shut, but ran out of time.


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