Coolest Nemo Cake

I made this cake for my son’s 1st birthday. Ahead of time, I made frozen buttercream transfers of Nemo, Pearl and Squirt. (If you Google “frozen buttercream transfer” you will find a detailed explanation of this method. It is time consuming but gives a clean look and almost a 3D look to your characters.)

I made 2 9×13 layers of boxed cake mix. I iced the cake in sky blue buttercream and then placed the characters on it. I piped seaweed on the top and sides of the cake with a leaf tip. I piped coral on the top and sides with a star tip. I piped plants on the top and sides with a tip used for writing, and used the same tip for the letters and bubbles.

Using a wide circular tip, I piped large swirls along the bottom border of the cake and then sprinkled rainbow nonpareils over the border for a “bottom of the sea” effect.

Colors used for this cake were:

Nemo – orange, black

Pearl – violet & rose, black

Squirt – juniper green, no-taste red, brown, black

Also used – sky blue, kelly green, violet, buttercup yellow.

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