The Nemo cake was for my little girl, who turned 3. She loves the movie “Finding Nemo” and she loves visiting aquariums. Hence, the Nemo themed party for her 3rd birthday.

The cake was made with two rectangle cake tins and decorated with a combination of buttercream and fondant. The tails and fins on the side and top of Nemo were made with fondant.

The eyes were made with a combination of ingredients. The white bit of Nemo’s eyes was buttercream. The orange bit was fondant and the black bit was painted on with black food colouring and a brush. The white bit to show the reflection of light in Nemo’s eyes was made with tiny bits of marshmallow.

Nemo’s body was all buttercream. I first did all of Nemo’s body with orange butter cream. I made sure the orange buttercream colour matched the orange fondant I used for his tail and fins.

The white stripes on Nemo were piped on with white buttercream and flattened and smoothed with a frosting knife. I painted the black bits on Nemo’s body and his fins and tail with black food colour and a brush.

My daughter loved the cake! And her friends who joined her to celebrate her 3rd birthday loved it too!