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Cool Homemade Nerf Gun Cake

This is a Nerf Gun Cake I made for my son’s 7th birthday. He is crazy about guns. This is only my second fondant cake. I prefer to make my own marshmallow fondant, it’s cheaper and easier to work with. I made a 9×13 yellow cake, sliced it horizontally and frosted the center. I wrapped the whole thing and let it chill for a while.

Next, I carved the gun shape out of the cake, crumb coated it with buttercream, and put it back in the fridge overnight. The following day I frosted it with more buttercream, preparing for the fondant. I also used my new cricut cake to make some of the shapes and the letters, it was the first time trying the machine. That was the hardest part!

This cake took a single recipe for the cake and served about 20 people. The bullets are made of fondant as well.

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