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Coolest Nerfgun CS-6 Recon Cake

This Nerfgun CS-6 Recon Cake I made for my son’s 11th birthday. He had a Nerfgun battle party. I made most of the cake out of regular cake mix. The connectors on the back end of the gun are Oreo Cookie straws. I tried my hand for the first time at making my own fondant so I could cover certain parts of the cake. I made the Nerf bullets

out of fondant. The ammo clips are made out of Rice Krispie treats shaped and then covered with fondant.

The handle of the gun is covered in fondant. The rest of the cake is just covered by buttercreme frosting. I was inspired by a cake I found on line

and then added and embellished to complete what I wanted. The gun looks much like one that my son has. He loved the cake. It was a lot of work but worth the smiles!

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