Let me just say that I didn’t even really have a plan for this LaLaLoopsy cake. The only request my daughter had for this cake was to have it look like a large LaLaLoopsy head. And up until the night before the party, I really had no idea how I was going to do that. So this cake was an experiment that with a little luck ended up looking pretty okay!

I made a cake in a round 8″ pan and frosted it with regular blue buttercream frosting. And then I got to work with the fondant. This part always scares me (and maybe fondant intimidates you, too) but working with fondant is a lot like playing with play-doh. I used Wilton fondant in Natural Colors and Neon Colors multi-packs for the LaLaLoopsy head, hair and facial features. With some patience and a LaLaLoopsy doll sitting next to me on the kitchen counter for reference, I cut and molded the shapes I needed and pieced them together on top of the blue buttercream. When the face was done, I used a Wilton Fabric Fondant and Gum Paste Mold to make the ribbon, rick-rack and button trim for sides this cake. Each seam in the ‘ribbon’ trim was covered by a fondant button.