Coolest Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

This Homemade Nightmare Before Christmas Cake is the reason I started classes up at my local craft store. My daughter wanted a Nightmare Before Christmas ‘SALLY’ cake for her birthday. She was turning 4 and everything I was finding was a little too much on the Halloween/Morbid side.

This cake was so much fun! ONLY FONDANT is the ‘ZERO DOG’ (I had to smack him together with some white fondant last minute to give a little more light to the cake) and the red/white rope around the base of each layer. I’m not a huge Fondant lover and kids eating that stuff can get tricky.

The topper is an ornament I had from the Christmas Tree. Lucky for me, my daughter’s party was the first week of January- so I had some leeway on what to slap on the top of the cake when I was done. The design on the layers came straight from the ornament on the top. The design I chose for the layers were all from the character (Sally’s) dress.

My daughter LOVED this cake. There were some parents that saw it and were a little weary about my theme, but kids have their own ideas!

Homemade Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

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