Coolest Nightmare Before Christmas Cake

This homemade Nightmare Before Christmas cake was for a girl who likes “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, sewing & sketching. This is what I came up with. The pencil has drawn Jack & Sally and the needle & thread has sewn the heart.

This is a double layer 9”x13” cake. I covered all 4 sides with a strip of fondant and one 9”x13” piece on top. I used a fondant cutting wheel to imprint lines along the sides to give the effect of a pad of paper. I put thin strips of brown fondant along the bottom edges for the cardboard bottom of the sketchpad. Then I attached a piece of fondant at the top of the cake to make it look like a piece of paper folded over the back of the pad.

I copied an image of Jack & Sally in a heart outline onto a piece of waxed paper. I painted over the outline with black gel icing colour and placed it onto the top of the cake so it transferred the image. I then went over the outline, filling in any gaps. I did the heart and stitches in royal icing. The needle and pencil are fondant.

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