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Coolest Number 8 Birthday Cake

I was asked by my niece to make this number 8 birthday cake for her daughter. She was going to have a party at the bear factory where her friends could make their own bear, so she wanted something to incorporate a bear. We decided on a number 8 with a bear and flowers on the top.

I started by making the bear a couple of weeks before so it could dry out and harden. I made a pink bear and fluffed up the icing with an icing tube. I also made four smaller bears to hold the name LUCY on a wire.

I baked an A4 sized vanilla sponge cake in two halves and using a template I made earlier of a number 8 I cut out the cake. I then filled with jam as requested and then covered with a very thin coat of butter cream to stick the icing to the cake. I then pressed an indent into the icing where the holes should be on the number 8 and pipe iced around these indents. I then covered the rest of the cake board in white icing this was set aside overnight

The next day I cut out some different sized flowers and firstly attached the bear to the cake and then the flowers and then pipe iced around the base of the cake. I attached 4 different sized flowers to the front of the cake board and attached the four small bears on and attached the wires with the letters on into one paw and a flower in the other paw.

Finally I attached the lettering HAPPY BIRTHDAY to finish the cake. She was thrilled with the end result which made me really happy.

Coolest Number 8 Birthday Cake