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Coolest NY Giants Football Birthday Cake

I made this NY Giants football birthday cake for a friends son. The family loves sports and the father loves the Giants and the son(who’s birthday it was)loves the cowboys. They(the parents asked me to make this cake for them. This was the son’s gift from me.

To do this cake you need 9×13 inch cake pan, 1 cake mix in it at time. The base cake is a square but you could cook a 9×13 cake with 2 cake mixes in it.

But you need 4 9×13 cakes just for the football. Bake them a couple of days in advance, but wrap them well with plastic wrap, refrigerate them. Prepare a good butter cream. You will also need to prepare your board in advance. This cake needs a 5/8″ dowel rod cut to size, mine was 10 1/2 inches. You will also need a 5/8″ piece of plywood with a hole drilled in it at an angle (approx. 45 degrees) with a 5/8″ paddle bit(this should be 2/3rds of the way up board center).

Once the hole is drilled try fitting your dowel in the board. If any of the dowel shows through you may want to mark it and cut it off so the board will lay flat. It is at this point you need to cover your board with what ever you plan on covering it with. You will need to divide the cake cardboard for the base cake into 2 pieces and in the smaller front piece you will need to cut away some of the cardboard for the dowel.

The football portion is a series of graduated cake circles cut from the 9×13 cakes you already baked. I used what ever I had at hand. An example would be 2 7in circles, 2 6in, and all the way down to about 2 inch rounds I think I did 4 sizes. It will depend on how thick your cakes are and how much buttercream you put in between the layers.

Until you get the bottom cake in place you will need a larger cake cardboard circle to support the cake up to the thickness of the grass cake. Mine was 2 1/8 inches. I also used my 9×13 inch cake pan up under the cardboard.

When I assembled the football I start with one of each size 1st with the smallest on the dowel (which in is in the board, with the supports under it towards the back of the angle) fill with some frosting and then the next bigger size then filling in between each layer. Now refrigerate it.

The top point can now be frosted (just the top 2 smallest cakes (so lets say 4 in, and 2 in) place this part in the fridge too. Once the cake has set up and is nice and firm, bring it back out and plunge largest cake of the circles on next, fill, and do the next one. Place it back in the fridge to get hard again. The peak that you already frosted will probably not have any dowel to plunge it on to so you will need a few straws to attach it to the lower part.


At this point you may need to make more room in the fridge because of the height of the cake. Let this sit for a little while to harden again.

It is at this point you will want to prepare the base cake by placing the 2 pieces of the cardboard you previously fit for the base cake

next to each other as if they were not cut. Place them on top of the base cake and cut the base cake to fit both sides. Flip them over and crumb coat each individually and place in fridge over night or for a couple of hours. (What ever you are ready for.

You can now take the football cake out and start shaping it to actually start looking like a football. When you are happy with the shape crumb coat it again. REMEMBER WHEN CARVING CAKE REMOVE JUST A LITTLE AT A TIME ITS HARDER TO HIDE THE GOUGE THAN TO TRIM A LITTLE MORE OFF.

Refrigerate over night or for several hours, it needs to be very firm for final assembly.

After every thing is set, prepare the frosting colors for the different parts of the cakes and frost the base green and place both sections in place, under the football. Let it get cold in the fridge again. Now you can frost the ball. And decorate it. Keep it cold until you serve it. I think i got everything in there.

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