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Coolest 8th Birthday Basketball Cake

When I asked my grandson what he wanted for his 8th birthday cake, he responded “a basketball cake”. “Basketball, I can do that I replied.”

“Wait Nana, let me tell you exactly what I want” and he did. He went on to say that he wanted a gym floor, two posts with hoops, a scoreboard which would read, “Wolves 25 v, Rattlers 17”. He also wanted a picture of him playing basketball.

Pretty tall order, but what he wants is what Nana gives him. I drew lines on a white cake board and then used brown craft paint to make the gym floor. I ordered the posts and hoops on line.

I scanned and printed a picture of him playing and trimmed the picture and glued it to a piece of fondant. I added a small basketball which I cut off a basketball stick. That was the top of the cake.

The score board is made of fondant. I colored fondant, black and red and orange for basketballs. I printed Happy Birthday message on computer

What you will need:

1/2 block of white fondant

food coloring – black, red and orange

2 sheet cake pans

2 boxes of cake mix

½ lb of fresh strawberries

1 tub of Wilton butter cream icing

1 two inch cutout for scoreboard

1 two inch circular cutout for basketballs

Number cutouts for scoreboard

He loved the cake, can’t wait to see what he will want for his 9th birthday.

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