Coolest Orchid Cake – Handmade Flowers!

My friend wanted a cake for an aunt who loves tropical flowers. Can I do orchids? Oh yes, and those big orange ones—birds of paradise flowers? Sure!! Thank goodness for YouTube! After watching a bunch of videos, picking up one hint here, another there, and the general principles from all over, I bought three sets of cutters and some gum paste, and set to work.

It was definitely a challenge—each flower had to be made in many separate steps, with drying time in between, and I was very glad I made extra pieces, as I had a bunch of disasters on the way to triumph!

The birds of paradise were especially troublesome, and just didn’t want to come home to roost! But in the end, I got it all put together, and I was so proud of those flowers.

Oh yes, and she had to drive with the cake in the car . . . from Virginia to Georgia, in the heat of summer! At least 8 hours! So, I also had to figure out how to pack it so it wouldn’t shift around, and so it would stay cool.

It arrived safely, and I’m told it was much appreciated. I love these learning curves!

Coolest Orchid Cake--Tropical Delight

Coolest Orchid Cake--Tropical Delight

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