Coolest Pot of Flowers Cake

This pot of flowers cake is made from 24 cupcakes. They of course can be any flavor you desire. I saw a similar version at a store and thought I could make it look better. You’ll need white and chocolate frosting, different colored frosting dyes, a spoon, and a fork.

Before you frost any of the cupcakes put a little frosting under the cupcake to hold it to whatever surface you are setting them on. Once you get the cupcakes frosted (the basket is chocolate frosting and the cupcakes for the flowers are with white frosting), dip the underside of the spoon into one of your colors and make the petals of the flowers on top of the white frosting, almost like you were making a parathesis. There should be 4 petals to a flower. Make an assortment of flowers in your pot.

Once all your flowers are made take your fork and dip the prongs into the green frosting dye and make leaves next to your flowers. If you decide to write happy birthday on your cake I would recommend writing it on the surface you are using to rest the cupcakes on. It will look much better because writing on cupcakes makes it look squiggly.

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