Coolest Pac Man Cup Cakes

These Pac Man Cup Cakes was a very simple cake to make. It was a friend’s 30th Birthday and my challenge was to come up with a cake which was reminiscent of his childhood as it was now truly in the past.

The basis of this design is 16 cup cakes (I made 8 chocolate and 8 plain). The cup cakes were decorated with roll out fondant icing (the ready coloured works best as you can never get a good black even with the pastes) and the details were cut out using different sized oval (for the ghosts) and circle (for the pills and cherries) cutters and a sharp knife.

The ‘walls’ were long straight strips which I just shaped as I laid them and stuck down into place with edible glue. The detail on the eyes and cherries is just small pieces of white icing and the black dots on the ghost eyes were done with a food colour pen.

Very simple to do yet very effective. This cake gained a lot of positive attention in the pub and was easy to share out as it didn’t even need cutting!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Pac Man Cup Cakes”

  1. This was such a cool idea! Very nice job, way too nice to eat! If you try the color gels from Wilton they do make great colors – even black. They just need to sit over night to darken.

  2. I personally think fondant tastes like crap so when I came up with my Pac-man cake idea I used candy that can be microwaved to become softened for my ghosts and Pac-man and all that. Some great candies to use are Airheads, Laffy Taffy, Salt Water Taffy, Starburst, etc. That way the whole cake tastes amazing!


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