Coolest Party Slot Machine Cake

This was my first attempt at making a slot machine cake and my friend was happy to get such a gift from me. At his party everybody was “Wow-weeeee!” about this cake. In fact, they actually thought that it was a toy.

To create this cake I baked 9″ chocolate cakes and cut and stacked them 5″ high. For the screen I cut out from the 9″ cake to 4″ wide with a bit of an angle and stacked it to 4″ high. After that I put this cut out cake stack together with the 9″ cake on the bottom. Then, I covered the cake with chocolate ganache, let it sit till firm, and covered it with fondant.

For the roller screen I printed out the picture and made my own stencils to create the images. I cut the gum paste to the sizes I needed and let it sit until it was dry.

After that I made the stencils with royal icing in the colors I needed and let it sit till it was dry. I made that ahead of time.

I also made all the coins ahead of time and let them sit to dry hard.

After the cake was done I airbrushed it and stuck all the dry gum paste decorations to it in the positions I wanted them to be with royal icing. That’s it!

I got a lot of positive compliments for this slot machine cake. Not bad for my first time even though I had a lot to learn from my mistakes. I was very happy with the final result and so were the party guests.