Coolest Slot Machine Cake Design

This Slot Machine Cake Design was my first cake. I made this cake about a year ago for my grandma’s birthday. I made this Slot Machine Cake because she loves going to Vegas. I actually came to this website for ideas and got the mental idea of it. I did NOT make the cake batter from scratch. I got it from a Betty Crocker Box at a local store. For me it was all about the decoration.

What I used was an 8.5×4 glass bowl and an 8x8x2 in bowl. Once the cake batter was ready I filled in one box of the cake batter in the 8x8x2 bowl and put it in the oven for however many minutes it says then I made another cake batter from one other box and filled in the 8.5×4 in half way and put it in the oven. Once those two were done I took them out, cleaned the 8.5×4 and put the rest of the batter in measuring about half way.

Once all the cake is ready I put the 8x8x2 as the base and put the 2 pieces of 8.5×4 on top of one another and put that on top of the base. So it should take up half the base.

After that I just frosted it with white icing. After that I got cake decorating icings of different colors in the same store and it came in different decorating tips. I used the petal decorator one to spell out Jackpot and the star one to make out lights on the outside.

For the 7’S I looked up the shape on Google and tried to do the shape once you come up with the outline you fill it in. Now I made mistakes on this part. It was difficult to come up with the outline. So for every time I made a mistake I used a knife to scrape it off. But made sure I didn’t scrape off the white icing. When all the details are done I used jolleyrachers and ring pops as buttons and lights. I also put chocolate coins to go with it. Then made a little coin slot outline and stuck a coin through the cake.

Now for the handle I got whatever extra cake I had and cut it into a rectangle and put icing on it and put it on the side of the cake. Then I got a colorful straw cut it in half and stuck a marshmallow on top of it, then put the handle in the cake.

For more decoration I just put sprinkles and M&M’s on to not make it so boring in the back. Then I spelled happy birthday on a tray that I covered in aluminum foil.(its in Spanish)

My grandma loved it! She loved it so much that when visitors would come, my godmother would tell her to offer some cake. And she said “No es mi pastel!” (Spanish for “NO it’s my cake!”)

I’m still proud of that cake after a year. Now I don’t know how to top off last year this year.


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