Coolest Patrick Cake

The Patrick cake was made using an icing transfer. I iced the cake smooth and then used a Viva papertowel to smooth out the swirl marks. I printed a Patrick picture from the Internet, covered it with wax paper, and outlined it with yellow piping gel.

The cake icing should set for a few minutes to “crust”, but using the piping gel outline immediately. Place the wax paper with piping gel on the cake and smooth lightly with your finger. When removed, you should see the outline of Patrick. I used a small star tip to fill it in. The presents on the cake were actually left over Christmas gingerbread tree decorations.

I finished the cake with a green outline, but purple would be better for a girl. TIP: Buy a letter impression set to do the writing.

Spongebob’s house was made by my sister. She cut out the door and added a stovepipe and sign that said “Bikini Bottom” She placed it on a chip and dip tray to elevate the pineapple and filled the chip area with blue jello.

Coolest Patrick Cake

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