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Coolest Sponge Bob Batman Cake and Patrick Robin Cake

My son asked me to make two superhero cakes for his 4th birthday this month. Well, that seemed easy until he said ” I want Sponge Bob and Patrick as Batman and Robin”. So, I research images of cakes of Sponge Bob and Patrick (but none were superheros). So I looked at pictures of them and found one where they were Batman etc.

I started off drawing templates of them and labeling the colors on each template. I then made one round cake and two rectangle cakes (plain vanilla flavoured cakes). I then used my templates to cut my patterns. My son loves lemon curd so I cut each piece of the cake parts in half then spread lemon curd in the middle of them. Putting all the pieces together on a square cake board using a bit of butter cream to secure them in place I then smoothed them in butter cream frosting and smoothed edges with a plaster knife.

Now I chose my colors of shop brought icing and covered each part with the colors from the picture I found off Google. Using edible glue to stick the finer details into place. It took me two days from start to finish but I’m please with results!! The kids thought it was so cool and the adults asked where I brought them from!! It was a challenge but I enjoyed every minute of it!

Once you find a picture you like it’s easy to draw up a stencil and use that to cut out your design! Hope you like it? I made Sponge Bobs arms and legs using rolled icing only their main bodies are cake. The views tins I used was a 7″round tin for Patrick’s body and a rectangle tin 5″ by 10″ for his arms and legs. Sponge bob’s body was made using the rectangle tin 5 by tin cake tin again.

Patrick the starfish as robin

Sponge bob as batman