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Coolest Peppa Pig Fairy Birthday Cake

This Peppa Pig Fairy Birthday Cake was made for my 3 year old daughter who is obsessed with Peppa Pig and likes fairies. It is a blue fondant covered Madeira cake with cut out fondant of Peppa on top of it.

To make the base cake:

I baked a vanilla Madeira cake using 6 oz each of butter, sugar, self raising flour. 3 oz of plain flour, 3 eggs and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a 7″ round tin at gas mark 3 for about 50 minutes. I left the cake to cool before cutting off the dome for a smooth surface.

The cake was then covered with a thin layer of vanilla butter icing made from 2 1/2 oz of butter, 5 oz of icing sugar and about a tablespoon of milk. I then covered the cake with the blue sugar paste made from Dr Oetker regal ice dyed with Sugarflair blue paste.

To make Peppa:

I traced Peppa from one of my daughter’s sticker books and then cut out the head, crown, dress, wings and limbs and used these as templates.

Then I coloured some Dr Oetker regalice fondant with pale pink colour and cut out Peppa’s head. arms and legs from this.

I added some more colouring to the icing to get the pink for the outline and her dimple. To outline her head, I used a clay extruder to get a “sausage” of dark pink icing and then using a knife, arranged it around her head before pressing it into place. The eyes were done using a small blob of regalice fondant and then dotted with even smaller blobs of black regalice fondant. I didn’t bother to outline her eyes as it became too fiddly at this point!

I coloured some more regalice fondant using more red for her dress, lips, wand and the outline of her wings. Then I cut out the dress shape and arranged it under Peppa’s head.

I attached the white wings in position then extruded a dark pink sausage and positioned it on the wings. The limbs, tail and wand were added in a similar way. Finally, I rubbed some plain white fondant with gold lustre and cut out the crown and the star for the wand. The stars were made using a plunger cutter on some “snowflake” dusted fondant.

I then piped my daughter’s name at the bottom using some fondant softened with boiled water.

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