Coolest Peppa Pig Cake

This Peppa Pig cake is a chocolate mocha cake with chocolate butter cream icing as filling and on the top. I covered the cake with store bought fondant and made the Peppa with fondant too.

I bought just white fondant and then colored it with paste colors. Then I used red, blue, green, yellow and black paste colors and pink food color. I made Peppa’s face by adding a very tiny bit of red paste to white fondant and then a pinch of Cmc to it to make the figure a bit sturdy. The fondant figures are soft and edible unlike the sugar paste ones so the kids at the party enjoyed eating their favorite pig.

I made Peppa’s nose by pressing it gently with a chopstick kind of a thing and then used a little bit of pink food coloring with water to paint the nose and mouth. I made the mouth by pressing with a icing tip. Fondants will stick together with water so I stuck Peppa’s body by using just water and since Peppa is sitting there is no need of any toothpick or sticks to support the figure.

Since I personally don’t like a thick layer of fondant I used a very thin layer of it so the cake was not very sweet and tasted great. I made this cake in an 8 inch round tin so it was small cake for a small party. If you are planning to bake a big one you can add more things to the cake like Peppa’s house.

I got the idea of the background from Peppa Pig’s book. Peppa’s house is on the top of a mountain, but since my cake was small I didn’t get enough space to make Peppa’s house.

This was my first attempt on a fondant cake and I’m pretty happy the way it turned out.

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