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Coolest Peppa Pig Birthday Cake

I started this Peppa Pig Birthday Cake by baking a 10” x 8” rectangular chocolate cake, cut it into 2 layers and sandwiched with chocolate buttercream.

I printed off a picture of Peppa Pig from the internet and sized it so that just the head, ears and dress fitted within the 10 x 8 cake size. The idea is to use cake for the head, ears and dress and just use sugarpaste (rolled fondant) for the arms and legs and any other decorations.

I laid the cut out picture of Peppa’s head and dress (it is easier to cut out the ears separately and stick then onto the cake when covered in fondant) onto the cake and cut around it. Then I covered it all with chocolate buttercream.

For the fondant I used regalice in pink (3 x 250g packets), red (1 x red 250g packet), black (1 x 250g packet) and white (Peppa’s eyes and for covering the cake board – 3 x 250g packets).

First I rolled a strip of pink fondant to go round the side of the head; this took one packet, and then used a 2nd packet to cut out the shape of the head using the template again. I carefully joined the seams and smoothed them out as much as I could.

Using the rest of the second packet and a bit of the third, I covered the ears that I had cut out of cake separately (using the template), using a side strip first then a small piece for the top. Then I rolled out thin ropes in pink to edge the face and ears following the template as a guide. This helped to hide the join lines as well as define peppa’s features too.

Then I covered the red dress, and edged it the same way as the head and ears. For her glittering red dress, I painted on edible glue and then sprinkled on edible red glitter.

I finished off the features on the face i.e. nostrils, eyes and cheek. For the pupils I coloured them in using an edible black pen, but you could easily use a bit of the black fondant. For the cheek I mixed a little red into the pink to get a deeper shade.

To decorate the cake board I rolled out 750g of white icing and covered all of a 14” a 12” cake board, the using the template cut out the Peppa head and dress shape out of the middle of the white fondant. I then used ‘blossom tint’ powder (from any cake decorating shop) and rubbed it straight onto the white icing using a small cotton wool pad, just use sparingly until you get the desired finish and colour.

I laid the Peppa cake onto the board and then stuck the ears on using the edible glue, then finally I made arms, legs tail and shoes out of the pink and black fondant, and added a balloon with a worded greeting and flowers on the ‘grass’ at the bottom.

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