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Cool Homemade Phineas and Ferb Cakes

My son is currently obsessed with Phineas and Ferb. That’s all he wants to watch these days! So when his 3rd birthday came around, I decided to make him and Phineas and Ferb cake.

I made a 9 inch round fudge swirl cake and then a 8X 11 inch cake. I made a buttercream icing and made it flesh colored by mixing red, yellow, and green dyes. Then I basically made up a triangular (almost!) pattern that I then cut out of the round cake to make Phineas’ head. Then I cut Ferb’s head from the rectangular cake. I iced both of these with the flesh icing and then added the eyes, ears, and mouth. The hair I cut out of colored Wilson’s fondant. I also made the Phineas and Ferb logo using this frozen buttercream transfer method that I found online….

This is a really neat idea, but I definitely made some mistakes with my first attempt and think I could do a better job next time!

I really enjoyed both of these cakes, and my son recognized the two characters when he saw them, so I thought that was definitely a positive validation! Oh, and this was a lot of cake! We had cake for days and days and days!

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