Coolest Ferb Birthday Cake

Every year since my daughter was two I have made her “special” birthday cakes from the theme she chooses. This year for my daughter’s 6th birthday we did a Phineas & Ferb theme. My daughter just loves Ferb so she asked me to make a Ferb birthday cake.

Every year each birthday cake gets better and better. I even take a vacation day from work to make her cake. I baked the cake two days before the party. I made two half sheet cakes. I took a box and traced the character on it and after the cake was cooled placed the cut out on top of the cake and carved. The 1st cake was for the main body.

The 2nd cake was for Ferb’s hair and arms which I carved out of the cake. The day before the party I made my butter-cream frosting and used two different types of tips to decorate the cake. Making the frosting and decorating it took about 4 hours. All I have to say is that it is totally worth it!

I had multiple moms state that they couldn’t believe I made the cake…they thought I purchased it from a special bakery that makes specialized cakes. My daughter loved the Ferb cake more than the presents my husband and I bought for her. Every year I look forward to making her birthday cakes and maybe even someday will make my daughter’s wedding cake.

Thank you so much!

Coolest Ferb Birthday Cake

Coolest Ferb Birthday Cake

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