Coolest Plane Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Plane Birthday Cake for my son’s 2nd birthday and I can tell you he was very excited when he saw it! Luckily he didn’t realize it was a cake or else I don’t think it would of lasted all day till his party. I think I ended up baking 5 loaf cakes to make, but this is only because they didn’t turn out so well and I cut heaps away.

But basically how I made it was:

I cut all the cakes into rectangles and stuck them all together using buttercream icing. I used chocolate buttercream which was so tasty! It used two long and three high at the front. Then I got a sharp knife and started shaping it. I really just did this by looking at it, cutting looking, cutting looking. I also Googled other pictures of plane cakes to get a general idea of what I liked.

After I had the shape I covered it with roll out icing, I thought this would be a good look, but it didn’t end up right. So I then covered it with buttercream icing, and smoothed it with a hot knife. The wings are from white chocolate, coloured with normal food colouring. I found that when you mix food colouring into the chocolate it went into a paste type texture.

I had predrawn and cut the shape of the wings out of baking paper. I rolled the chocolate out with baking paper either side and then placed the shape over the chocolate and cut it out. Before letting it set I pushed skewer sticks into the chocolate so it would attach easily to the cake.

I found a picture of a plane cake that I really liked on the internet and copied that mostly for the face. I made this all out the rolled icing.

Putting it all together i got the result you see in the pictures.

This is my third birthday cake I have made, I made two for my sons first birthday. Hope you like it. Everyone thought it was fabulous!

Homemade Plane Birthday Cake

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  1. This really is amazing – especially as it’s only your third cake! I make cakes professionally now and I think a plane cake would have been a challenge (the wings).
    Love it. Bet your little boy was thrilled.


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