Coolest Baby Shower Airplane Cake

This baby shower airplane cake was made for an expectant mom and she’s definitely into the plane nursery decoration mode. I’m a hobby baker and was thrilled to make her baby shower wish come true by designing this cake.

Baby Shower Airplane Cake Instructions

The cake is relatively simple if an individual has experimented with fondant. The vanilla cake itself is an 8” round x 4” tall, covered in buttercream. The topper base is made from RKT. The plane is made with fondant.

Base for Topper

  • Make a recipe of Rice Krispie treats.
  • Grease a 6” half-sphere or bowl and firmly press down the RKT.
  • Allow to harden.
  • Melt Candy Melts and brush over the half-sphere, smoothing and covering all bumps that will appear.
  • Cover with Wilton baby blue fondant.
  • For the plane to attach, make a hole using a skewer at the top of the half-sphere.
  • Place onto a 6” cake board to dry.
  • After the fondant is completely dry, glue the decorative touches with piping gel by attaching the borders and name blocks.
  • The finished topper is slightly raised with a cake pillar stacking system, keeping the icing intact and making it easy lift-off to serve the cake.


  • To begin the design of the plane, go online and search for airplane clipart. I found an example of a plane from a woodworker with a complete pattern. I Xeroxed it to size for a six-inch topper.
  • Then I created all the pieces (adding tylose powder from Michaels) and let them dry overnight.
  • The next morning, I added holes for attaching the plane together – toothpicks in the wings, tail section and where these pieces would attach to the plane.
  • I allowed all the pieces to completely dry. So plan ahead to wait and wait to put the plane together – or the wings will end-up sagging.
  • After all the pieces were dry, I then put the plane together with a glue mixture – dipped toothpicks in a fondant and water mixture.
  • For the wings, I added a small bit/strip of fondant where the plane and wings meet (since drying time will make the design not butt up to the base) and used a tool to smooth level. To support the wings while drying to the base of the plane, I placed bubble wrap underneath.
  • After the tail, wings and propeller base were dry, I added the propellers (dried overnight) and a small ball of fondant, to glue and support them to the propeller base.
  • Added the windshield, baby blue fondant. For the metal look, grey fondant. For the shiny metal looking pieces, I painted with a mixture of silver dust and lemon extract.
  • The pilot was designed by using the template for the airplane design of the woodworker.


  • Super easy. Roll different sizes of gumpaste and allow them to dry overnight.
  • Place the dried balls on a mat, cover completely with fondant, shaping the clouds, and allow the new clouds to completely dry.


  • The cake is covered in Swiss Meringue buttercream. SMB tends to have a yellow tint because it is made with real butter. To be honest, this was the first time that I tried to color-match a buttercream made with all butter and it was difficult to do.
  • After adding Wilton’s pastel blue icing gel, I had to end-up using a dot of Electric Purple to not get a mint green color. My suggestion would be to use a buttercream with shortening (not butter), such as the Wilton buttercream recipe. This will save a lot of time and effort in color-matching the icing.
  • For the final touch, I added decorated balls to the cake by gently pressing into the buttercream.

Thanks for the interest in my baby shower airplane cake! Don’t forget to take a photo of the finished cake! Always…always take that special few minutes to have a personal memento.

And….by the way….Craftsy has an online, cake photography class too! Bake with <3