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Coolest Platiborg from Phineas and Ferb Cake

My son loves Perry and all he has been talking about is having a Platiborg cake (my thought “where in the world am I going to find one). Well its a good thing my sister in law Denise L is very creative. The body is cake, the feet, tail, beak are rice treats. The eyes are marshmallows with Reese cups. Inside the metal eye is foil with a blue marble. She used orange cake gel to cover the feet, beak and tail.

She used cardboard, cut it, and covered it with foil to make the metal body look and put it over the body of the cake. She mixed blue and green to make the teal color. She used foil to make the claw arm and she used black glitter gel icing to make the black (metal looking) top of his head.

This Platiborg from Phineas and Ferb Cake was a huge hit for my son’s birthday .

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