Coolest Ploughed Field Farm Cake

I first made this ploughed field farm cake for my eldest son’s third birthday. Twenty five years later I was asked by my daughter to bake a cake for the third birthday of her son (my grandson)! Obviously I was honoured to be asked. He is our first grandchild.

Without looking at any other cakes for ideas, I automatically decided on the ploughed field farm cake that I baked for my first born! It was a labour of love!

On Saturday July 26th I started the baking. The first chocolate sponge cake that I baked somehow managed to resemble and taste like a chocolate brownie! All was not lost as my sons ate and enjoyed that very much! I had added to much sugar! On my second attempt the sponge cake turned out perfectly! When it had completely cooled I turned it out onto a  silver cake tray.

Next, I made the chocolate butter icing. My husband helped to spread the icing on the cake smoothly. We then used green food colouring gel to turn the desiccated coconut into grass.

I used the back of a fork to create a section of ploughed field and I spread the green coconut around the field. A little tractor was placed on the cake. I also incuded a farmer inspecting his work on the ploughed field.

I placed a trailer on the other side, filled with logs made out of cut up Cadburys Flakes.

Coloured Happy Birthday letters were added with a number 3 sparkler. When the birthday boy saw the cake he wanted to drive the tractor through it!

The cake was enjoyed by all. Twenty five years later, the cake still had the wow factor!